Taylor Swift details sexual assault allegations in deposition against DJ

Many women have faced some form of sexual harassment – including one of the world’s biggest celebrities. Recently, Taylor Swift detailed sexual assault allegations in a deposition against a DJ she claims groped her in 2013. Swift said she was doing a photo opp at a Denver, Colorado show when DJ David “Jackson” Mueller and a woman companion came to take a photo. While the photo was being taken, Swift said Mueller reached under her skirt and grabbed her ass. She was so stunned that she could barely speak and became emotional as she tried to process what happened.

In September 2015, Mueller filed a defamation lawsuit against the “Blank Space” singer and claimed he was falsely accused of grabbing her in an inappropriate way. He was fired from his job as a radio host and DJ days after the alleged incident.

In response to his lawsuit, Swift countersued with her own sexual harassment lawsuit the following month. She convinced the judge to keep the photo Mueller and the singer took together under seal, meaning the public won’t see it. According to her deposition, she was not sure exactly what moment was captured in the photo – the second when it happened or the aftermath of a strange man touching her butt.

The photo opp took place right before a show, so Swift had to go out and do a performance in front of 13,000 people afterwards. She says she didn’t confront Mueller at the time because there were several Swifties in the room, but instead told her team about the incident after the show. Mueller admitted that he might have touched her skirt, but he claimed he was moving her hand and she was moving his hand.

In her deposition, Swift detailed how the alleged assault affected her. She said in her testimony:

“As soon as he grabbed my ass, I became shocked and withdrawn and was barely able to say, ‘Thanks for coming,’ which is what I say to everybody. It was like somebody switched the lights off in my personality.”

Usually, Taylor Swift news is an opportunity for a joke about songs and ex-boyfriends, but this is no laughing matter. If she wins her countersuit, the funds will be donated to a charitable organization that helps protect women from sexual assault. Hopefully Taylor’s experience will help other women realize they aren’t alone and continue to shine a spotlight on sexual assault issues.