Meet the first hijab-wearing CoverGirl: beauty blogger Nura Afia

Makeup is for everyone, even men, and in its recent push for inclusivity, CoverGirl named its first hijab-wearing brand ambassador, Nura Afia. Afia joins the likes of Katy Perry, fellow YouTubers Chloe + Halle, Sofía Vergara, and DJ Amy Pham for the brand’s #LashEquality campaign, tied to the launch of its newest mascara, So Lashy! BlastPro. James Charles, the first ever male CoverGirl, is also part of the diverse, makeup-minded crew. All the good feels around this campaign almost make me want to up my brow and lash game.

Afia has hundreds of thousands subscribers to her beauty tutorial YouTube channel, where she posts videos about how to get the best smokey eye, nail “date night” makeup, and apply liquid eyeliner (can she come over to my house, like every morning?). In her videos, she’s mesmerizing as she quietly explains what she’s doing, why, and how cheaply she found certain eyeshadow kits.

She doesn’t just do makeup, though. Some videos by the vlogger are also hijab centric, with one explaining how to fashionably tie a turban (you wear two to get “the volume,” she says) racking hundreds of thousands of views. Afia will join the other spokespeople in a commercial for the new mascara that airs Nov. 14. In the meantime, she’s overlooking New York City’s Times Square on a giant billboard with them.

Afia told Glamour, “It feels so surreal. I never thought I would see Muslim women represented on such a large scale.” Afia also admitted to being insecure about wearing her hijab growing up. It must feel super good to be asked to show off one of your insecurities in the middle of Times Square. Really, being called up as brand ambassador for CoverGirl is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to being a beauty queen who knows what they’re doing.

For CoverGirl, the commitment to diversity seems to be more than just a savvy way to promote the new product, even if they insist on equating #LashEquality with actual, you know, human equality. The company said of its campaign on Instagram, “We’ve always stood for inclusive beauty that supports any and all types — from skin types to lash types. We know that whether you have short, straight, light or long lashes, you all crave the same bold end look.”

On her personal Instagram account, Afia has already been promoting Revlon products and attending their events in New York City, so being right smack in the middle of beauty’s biggest brand launches isn’t something totally new for her. Get it, girl.