Get ready for a movie about a serial killer targeting pizza men featuring Chance the Rapper

The pizza delivery guy has become a staple in many classic movies. For example, everyone remembers the Home Alone pizza boy who was scared shitless when he heard gunshots from inside the McAllister home. Now, a movie about a serial killer targeting pizza delivery guys will take the pizza trope to a new (and intriguingly weird) level. The movie was announced by Chance the Rapper via a Twitter video on Halloween with a clip showing off his role.

Chance the Rapper, who recently released a Billboard 200 mixtape without being signed to a major label, is set to play a character called Dax Lycander. Dax is a former Chinese food delivery driver who happens to be a werewolf. The film was shot in Chance’s hometown of Chicago and directed by his collaborator/friend Austin Vesley.

Right now, there are not a lot of details outside of the film being about an outlaw who has been framed for pizza delivery boys’ murders, but Vesley said it would be set in an alternative universe. Vesley was heavily inspired by CivilWarLand In Bad Decline — a novella by George Saunders which features ghosts as a part of the universe. The budding director says there will be ghosts who are a key part of the town’s government.

Vesley also spoke about the bike featured in the short clip and said there will be a chase scene where Dax rides his bike with gusto, and apparently the character was inspired by Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. Interesting. Perhaps the best thing about this bizarre concept is the name of the film – Slice. Get it? It’s the brilliant yet obvious choice.

Slice is set to debut sometime in the latter half of 2017 (perhaps around Halloween) and is just odd enough to make people want to see how a serial killer, pizza delivery guys, and ghosts fit into one movie. After a horror movie about Netflix and Chill and a Madea Halloween flick, it’s pretty clear that any strange idea can turn into a profitable film. Sometimes those strange ideas are unbelievably wonderful like Stranger Things, or they can go painfully wrong.

Even if Slice kinda sucks, people who love anything horror or werewolf related can still shamelessly indulge in a hilariously bad movie and get cool points because it stars Chance the Rapper. Think about it. Beyoncé invited the 23 year old to her 35th Birthday party, so she obviously loves him, and the world should love him too.

Except for pizza delivery guys. They have a right to be disturbed.