Australian company debuts dress that changes colors instantly, but is it real?

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends were amazed by a horse that could change colors. Horses may not be able to switch colors in real life, but an Australian company seems to have created a dress that changes colors with the touch of a button. Showpo, a young adult clothing company, debuted the magical dress on Facebook Live and the video quickly went viral. CEO Jane Lu recorded the short clip as she walked inside a studio, telling viewers she had been working on a special project with “next level” technology.

Once she made it inside, she introduced everyone to a guy with an iPad named Adam. The man then started a demonstration of how he could use the device to change the color of a dress on a hilariously hyped model. The young woman wearing the dress began to freak out as her dress went from pale blue to pink to bright blue and then purple within a matter of seconds.

With all the mind games the internet plays, many people thought this was just some kind of video editing or optical illusion. At first, Showpo said there were no tricks being played on viewers and offered a (sorta) reasonable explanation for how this phenomenon was able to occur.

The dress was allegedly made from a type of fabric that reflects different light frequencies and can be manipulated with technology. The fabric is linked to the iPad, which can send signals to it to change when light frequencies are being reflected. The person with the connected device can tap a color on a color wheel and voila, the dress chances to the color they desire. Awesome, right?

Well, it was all an elaborate ruse.

After much speculation on social media, Showpo’s Facebook page finally revealed that the color changing dress had not been invented yet and asked fans for a little help. Showpo said it was working with Samsung and Questacon to encourage young Australian STEM students to help them create a revolutionary product. So, it was all a trick as skeptics said from day one. The terrible acting skills of the Showpo crew may have been a dead giveaway, but you didn’t hear that theory from this post.

They may have fooled a lot of people, but they got the publicity they needed for their cause – even if it was at the expense of ruining women’s dreams of replicating their favorite dress in many colors. If it is any comfort, color changing fabric is a real thing, so an awesome dress may happen in the near future. In the meantime, everyone will have to deal with their clothes staying the same color.