Trump said “smart women” don’t talk about feminism in 1998 so let’s examine the smart shit he says

Look, it’s obvious at this point Donald Trump is indeed sexist, but he continues to give us more and more proof just in case we don’t already feel like jumping off a cliff. In a newly resurfaced 1998 interview, Trump claims “smart women” don’t talk about feminism, or as he put it, “women’s liberation.” Because apparently, the man who pulled the word “bigly” out of his ass gets to define intelligence for women.

In the 1998 BBC interview, Trump fields numerous questions about his perceptions of women in his book The Art of the Comeback. It’s the same interview in which Trump notoriously says, “The smart [women] act very feminine and needy, but inside they are real killers,” adding that he has a “love-hate relationship with women” though he views it as “mostly a love relationship.” (I should think most women consider it mostly a hate relationship.)

But most cringe-worthy of all, Trump attempts to define “smart” women as “the ones” who don’t “wave the banner of women’s liberation” when they achieve things. Aka, they don’t discuss feminism, or all the gendered obstacles they faced to get to where they are, or all the gendered obstacles that still exist for them and women everywhere.

To quote him exactly in his comments about women not pulling the damned “liberation” card:

“I feel that the smart ones [women] are really the ones who go out and do it without waving the banner of women’s liberation. And if you look at the really successful women those are the ones that have not had to wave that big banner, they’ve just gone out and done it.”

Basically, just shut up and quit complaining (and don’t forget to look hot while doing so) and you can do anything in this world. You can hear him say all of this for yourself in the video above, but also his voice sounds like nails on a chalk board so maybe don’t listen.

We better trust Trump on this one, because after all, given the highly intelligent things he’s said over the course of this election season, he’s clearly the authority on what’s “smart.” Just a few examples, off the top of my head:

Not only does Trump “know words,” but he also has “the best words.”

First things first, to be smart, you 10/10 have to know words. He’s got step one down pat.

… Like “bigly” for example.

He could be saying “big league,” sure, but if you think about “big league” being used as an adverb, that hardly makes more sense.

Smart people also call Mexican immigrants “bad hombres.”

Way to show us you’re totally literate in the Spanish language, dude.

And female leaders “nasty women.”

“Nasty” must be one of those “best words” he was talking about.

They also masquerade as men named “John Miller” and talk themselves up.

You see, when you’re really big league, you can’t have just any spokesperson/publicist talk about all your mighty achievements and sexual conquests with the press. When you’re really a smart person, it’s on you.

You’ll probably ask generals why you can’t just use nuclear weapons…

Like, at least three times. Because, you see, when you’re smart, environmental and humanitarian explanations just don’t cut it, and all the more so if you’re like Trump and know more about ISIS than the generals do.

So, there you have it. “Sorry haters and losers.”

“Sorry losers and haters, but [his] I.Q. is one of the highest — and you all know it!” But, hey, “please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.”

Given 140 characters, the man is a wizard, and what better way to measure anyone’s intelligence than by the fire of their tweets? Well, I suppose we could also measure someone’s intelligence by whether or not they can distinguish “locker room talk” from boasting about sexual assault, in which case…