The KKK officially endorses Donald Trump. Are we done yet?

Election Day is one week away, and as if we haven’t been put through enough unsettling run-ins with racism over the past 1.5 years, the Ku Klux Klan decided to go out with a bang. On Tuesday, the KKK officially endorsed Republican nominee Donald Trump, as if having its leaders voice their support for him earlier this year wasn’t enough. Seriously, we’re done. Goodbye world.

The endorsement was published in the group’s newspaper, The Crusader, which claims to be “the political voice of white Christian America.” The endorsement claims Trump’s platform rooted in making America great again resonates deeply with “Americans who are having a harder and harder time identifying with this new American image,” aka dealing with the fact that society is, after literal centuries, starting to accept that people of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, and orientations now share America.

In May, the group’s Imperial Wizard vocalized support for Trump, and earlier this year, former Imperial Wizard and current congressional candidate David Duke did as well. Trump initially failed to disavow Duke under the pretense that he didn’t know who Duke was (which was, of course, a lie), and later claimed he would have to know the Democrat running against Duke before he could conclusively say he would not vote for Duke.

Trump has previously tried to win the “African-American vote” by essentially telling them their communities are so fucked up, what do they “have to lose,” anyway? He has also consistently been condescending to “inner cities” without offering rational, viable solutions. Trump has constantly associated Black Lives Matter with violence toward police and delinquency, and spread lies about black crime rates.

And now, to solidify his place as arguably the most racially divisive political figure in recent history, the KKK has officially endorsed him. He has yet to respond to this, but really, no matter how he does, there’s no walking away from the fact that a blatantly racist white supremacist group has given him its stamp of approval.

Nov. 9 could not come sooner.