Destiny’s Child has a new Instagram account, and dear god please let there be a reunion

Stop what you’re doing right now, because a major development in social media is taking place: Destiny’s Child has started an Instagram account.

The account is managed by the Sony Music division Legacy Recordings, which distributed the group’s albums, so it’s genuine. The account has already posted several throwback photos from the mid-2000s, commemorating Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams’ most successful and famous singles, and taking us back to a decade when fashion was still kind of inexplicable. It was the tan-sweater-dress-iest of times, it was the fur-crop-top-iest of times. A time when every major female celeb had this tall straw hat, and super short camo-inspired jackets were cut to flatter maybe 0.000000000001 percent of women on Earth. I still miss it.

So why are they starting an Instagram now? Fans are desperately hoping it’s because the group is getting back together. Rumors/wishful thinking about a Destiny’s Child reunion have been flying around for a while, but Rowland squashed those rumors in 2015, telling US Weekly, “It hasn’t been something that we’ve talked about at all.” However, Cosmopolitan points out that next year will be the twentieth anniversary of the group’s formation back in 1997, which is a good time for a Greatest Hits tour. The official Destiny’s Child Twitter account has also been marking the anniversaries of songs they made, further hinting at the possibility of a reunion.

Who wouldn’t be psyched to see Destiny’s Child reuniting and belting out “Bootylicious” live in 2017?! Someone who’s dead inside, that’s who. If that’s what they’re planning, they can have my money now…as long as their trip down memory lane also acknowledges the original members who are no longer with the group.

Those of us who were listening to them in the early days (hey, “early” sounds more exciting than “old”) may remember a different lineup from the Beyonce-Kelly-Michelle trifecta. LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett, anyone? They were ousted from the group in 2000, but didn’t find out until they saw Farrah Franklin, who was let go after six months, and Williams lip-synching to their vocals in the “Say My Name” video. To paraphrase the song in question, it seems management had been acting kinda shady.

That’s not to disparage the 2000s lineup, of course. Rowland, Williams, and Beyonce made lots of fantastic songs together, and their talent kept Destiny’s Child at the top of the charts for years. But Roberson and Luckett helped to lay the groundwork for the powerhouse that the group became. Let’s not forget them as we get prepped for Destiny’s Child to (hopefully) come back and relive those fabulous days.