Teenage makeup artist turns her body into terrifyingly realistic horror scenes

You’ve got to check out this Australian teenage makeup artist’s Instagram of Halloween makeup looks that will both impress and terrify. Let’s be real here: finding the perfect Halloween costume can be a stressful drag, and one that could easily be avoided with some fake blood and foundation in the right places. After all, I’d say looking like you were just mauled by a werewolf, brutally bitten by a vampire, or savaged by any mythical beast really slays your basic, predictable “cat” any day.

But if you’re as woefully uncreative as the rest of us, you could certainly stand to gleam some inspiration from this teenage girl’s savage Instagram account. You’ll find no shortage of ideas for various gory transformations to attempt while perusing 16-year-old Rani Haese’s Instagram, but don’t just assume you’ll have the skills to pull these looks off. Using makeup, prosthetics, and of course, fake blood, Haese appears to freakishly carve shoe designs into her feet and terrifying messages on her hands and arms, mutilate her hands and fingers, and create giant bloody gashes on her face. It is not pretty, obviously, but you’re not going to be able to look away.

First things first, check out what she’s done to her hands:

Thinking I might re-try this makeup and try improve on my editing skills a bit haha :)

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Here's another photo of the cut up hand makeup :) [any suggestions for Halloween would be great :)]

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I want to look away… but I can’t.

Don't you hate it when this happens?

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I think I did this makeup about a month ago now :)

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Talk about bold fashion statements.

Converse shoe makeup :) I stupidly put two 't's in star for some reason haha

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And of course, makeup was meant for the face, right?

Here's another photo of the sliced face makeup I did a couple weeks back. ( it was very windy).

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Here's another photo of the Pokemon go incident :)

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If you try to replicate any of these gory gashes, just remember it’s the effort that counts.

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