Artist paints hot celebs going down on you to help make your fantasies a reality

If you’re the kind of girl who tends to let her mind wander during oral sex, these paintings of celebs going down on you will rock your world. Let’s be honest: when it comes to hetero oral sex, women often don’t get a lot of material to work with, whether it’s in real life or even in porn. But Brooklyn-based artist Alexandra Rubinstein is changing all of that, one depiction of cunnilingus at a time, and for that, she is my hero.

The series is called “A Dream Come True,” and is comprised of celebs like Justin Bieber, Drake, Ryan Gosling, and my personal fave, John Hamm eating pussy. And liking it. Each one is a little different, but the dudes are either in the throes of oral sex or caught in that quick moment just before he goes down (why do all men have sort of the same face at that moment?).

They’re awesome, not just because they’re cool paintings, but because they really turn the traditional power dynamic between women and men and oral sex that exists in pop (and porn) culture around. Rubinstein, who was born in Russia but has lived in America for 20 years, told Cosmopolitan that was the point. She said the series is “a response to the lack of heterosexual female perspective in representation of sexuality in mainstream media and pornography, which reiterates to the viewer that sex is about men and their pleasure.”

As we know, it’s not. Check these out.

Hey Girl

CREDIT: Alexandra Rubenstein

Best I Ever Had

CREDIT: Alexandra Rubenstein

Breakfast Hamm

CREDIT: Alexandra Rubenstein

28 Hours

CREDIT: Alexandra Rubenstein


CREDIT: Alexandra Rubenstein

Eat It Like Beckham

CREDIT: Alexandra Rubenstein

They’re awesome, right? On her website she explains the series, writing, “The title of each painting references the work of the male eating pussy, and gives the visual more narrative (we like a story!), while the point of view focuses on and eroticizes the male to better target its female audience.” I mean, who knew Bieber could be erotic?

A lot of her work is about the female POV when it comes to sex. An earlier series, “Looking for Mr. Goodsex,” depicts stills of mainly women from vintage porn at the point of climax. Rubinstein writes that in the “Golden Age” of porn, women’s roles were more dominant than they are now in contemporary vids.

You can check out and purchase all her work on her website (I am adding the John Hamm print to my Christmas list, if Santa permits), and she even has a “Pussy Power” shirt you might want to rock on Election Day.

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