Trump campaign wants to keep 3 groups from voting instead of trying to gain supporters

Republican nominee Donald Trump is probably going to lose. After all that’s been said and done over the course of this election season, that fact in itself is deeply satisfying. But wait, it gets better: If you look at how different voter demographics are probably going to vote this Election Day, it appears he’s going to lose primarily because of people of color and women, aka the blocs he’s spent the past 1.5 years relentlessly bullying, insulting, and persecuting through his policy proposals. And despite outwardly seeming totally oblivious to everything (he still claims to 100 percent believe he’ll win), he knows this, and that’s why Trump is attempting to suppress these voting blocs.

According to a report released by Bloomberg Thursday — 12 days out from the election — a senior Trump campaign official told Bloomberg, “We have three major voter suppression operations under way.” The report notes that these suppression tactics are aimed at three groups Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is relying on for an overwhelming victory: “idealistic white liberals, young women, and African-Americans.”

In an effort to better his chances, or, at the very least, make his inevitable loss slightly less humiliating, Trump is resorting to not expanding the electorate and getting out to rally and mobilize more voters to get involved in the political process, but the exact opposite: voter suppression. This is hardly surprising to anyone aware of prevalent statistics which indicate a correlation between Republican victories and low voter turnout, often induced by discriminatory voting laws.

Well, you know what they say: If you can’t win them over, suppress them! (“They” being modern quasi-fascists, of course.) Trump supporters have, after all, previously pushed the #RepealThe19th idea to take away the right to vote from young women when polling revealed Trump could possibly win were it not for female voters.

Trump is attempting to dissuade idealistic liberals, young women, and African-Americans from voting by pushing various narratives about Clinton, her past, and, since Trump can’t seem to understand that he’s running against (and losing to) a woman and not her husband, Bill Clinton’s past.

The report notes that Trump’s emphasis on Clinton’s former support for Trans-Pacific Partnership (a trade agreement condemned by “idealistic liberals” for eliminating American industrial jobs, giving global corporations too much leverage and in some cases condoning exploitative labor practices abroad) at the last debate was an effort to dissuade Sanders-esque liberals from voting Clinton.

Meanwhile, Trump’s apparent inability to shut up about Bill’s sexual misconduct, including both consensual extramarital affairs and allegations of sexual assault, is a direct effort to dissuade young women, according to the senior official. And quotes from Hillary from the late 1990s about crime reform, in which she implied that black youth were “super predators,” are being pushed particularly in Florida to dissuade black voters.

Obviously, it’s important for voters to know about aspects of Clinton’s past, what she used to support, and what she’s said to make an informed decision. Clinton’s former support for the TPP isn’t completely irrelevant as some think it speaks to her tendency to pander. Assault allegations against her husband are less relevant to her, since in the 21st century it would be nice to believe that a woman could run for president as a human being independent of her husband, but her dismissiveness of her husband’s accusers puts off some sexual assault advocates and young women.

And, of course, her undeniably racist comments about black youth and support for her husband’s crime reform laws, which sucked funding for welfare to substantially expand mass incarceration and the racist War on Drugs, remains relevant as she has yet to fully apologize for this aspect of her track record.

But that being said, pushing these narratives obviously isn’t going to inspire liberals, young women, and African-Americans to vote for Trump. He knows this, because he’s said and done worse, himself. From boasting about his ability to get away with sexual assault and dismissing it as mere “locker room talk” to outright discriminating against black people and blaming police killings on Black Lives Matter, Trump’s past and present behavior won’t be ignored by anyone who cares about Clinton’s past transgressions.

Donald Trump Campaigns In Colorado Ahead Of Final Presidential Debate
CREDIT: George Frey/Getty Images

Sure, this strategy could just be called “attack ads” even though Trump’s campaign official for whatever reason felt the need to dub it “voter suppression,” but if you think about it, on some level, maybe it sort of is. Through this tactic, he isn’t trying to win them over or prove he’s the better choice; Trump would just rather they didn’t vote, and is trying to make this happen by maligning Clinton, rather than improving himself and his platform to appeal to them, himself.