This 5-year-old girl slays Halloween with perfect Beyoncé costumes

With the success of Lemonade this past year, it’s likely that there are going to be a bunch of Beyoncé costumes this Halloween. But no one’s will be better than this 5 year old’s Beyoncé costumes she and her mom thought up on the fly. Yes, costumes plural, because Kylie Rae Brooks slays. Her mom, Diana Alvarez, told BuzzFeed that her daughter has been obsessed with Beyoncé since she was a baby. It’s all Alvarez’ fault, since she’s a been fan dating back to the Destiny’s Child days (and really, what adult hasn’t been?).

So when Kylie pulled a layered yellow dress off the rack while out shopping and noted that it looked like the dress from the “Hold Up” part of the Lemonade visual album, her Halloween idea was born. All it took was a baseball bat and Kylie (who already rocks her awesome natural locks) looked like a mini clone of the pop star.

She’s adorable. But they didn’t stop there, because every queen needs multiple Halloween costumes. Alvarez put her daughter in a black dress, black hat, and threw a dark shade of lipstick on her daughter and voilá — Kylie was Beyoncé in “Formation,” with her index fingers up. I love that Kylie can listen to Lemonade but cannot give the actual middle finger. Being 5 years old is so unfair.

Hold up, they don't love you like I love you! #KylieRaeBrooks

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How good is her jealous/crazy look? She’s even holding the bat with the same IDGAF attitude, and she has little mini Converse high-tops on. If you were thinking of being Beyoncé from “Hold Up” this weekend, you might have to rethink your decision since there is no way you’re going to be this good.

Check her out as Bey in “Formation.”

Ya'll haters corny… #KylieRaeBrooks

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Kylie and her mom are dedicated Beyoncé fans. They went to the Formation World Tour together, and Alvarez got some of the best Queen B-themed birthday cards this year, if you want to stalk her Instagram (which I did, but only because I wanted more pictures of Kylie being a badass; I am a little jealous of her lifestyle).

Here she is in fur and shades, Lemonade-style, going to the concert.

In Beyoncé we trust! #KylieRaeBrooks

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And again, she channels all of us listening to “Freedom.”

She needs a little work when it comes to choreography, but no one is perfect.

I have one important question for the mother-daughter duo: Can I come over and have a Beyoncé dance party with you? I need all of this in my life right now.