Mariah Carey and James Packer’s breakup will make ‘Mariah’s World’ worth watching

Few things disturb the creators of reality television more than a cast member experiencing relationship drama off the camera and away from their tear-fueled ratings farms. So, when news of Mariah Carey and James Packer’s breakup reached the executives at E!, they were understandably up in arms, according to a source that spoke with Gossip Cop. What will draw viewers in if there’s no longer a tale of an expensive storybook wedding?!

Or even more pressing, why couldn’t Carey and Packer break up on-air after the premiere of Mariah’s World Dec. 4? At least that way viewers could be voyeurs during the romantic unraveling between a grammy award-winning singer and her flush Australian philanthropist fiancé. However, I personally think E! has little to worry about, since the messy aftermath of a breakup is far better television than a collection of peaceful wedding planning montages.

News broke that the couple’s year-long engagement was officially over Thursday morning with a report from People confirming Carey and Packer broke up for good. Given their position in the public eye, speculations surrounding the reasons for their breakup are aplenty, but one of Carey’s reps told People the relationship was cut off after Carey and Packer had a fight in Greece during their vacation last month and the couple hasn’t spoken since.

Representatives for both parties have given the media wildly different stories about the reasons for the breakup (which sounds par for the course in matters of the heart), with Packer’s rep saying Carey spent too much money and sources close to Carey claiming Packer was in a mentally unstable place.

A source representing Carey told Entertainment Tonight that their breakup had little to do with either claim, and vaguely hinted that while they are split for now, there is potential for them to get back together. They said:

The fight was not because of any cheating allegations or excessive spending by Carey. They are trying to work it out. Right now, they’re not sure if they will stay together.”

Meanwhile, with people over at E! reportedly freaking out about the breakup because Carey’s reality show Mariah’s World premieres in a little over a month, they fear the breakup will keep viewers from tuning in. The concern is largely circulating around the fact that E! has already shot footage that involves the subplot of the couple’s wedding plans. Now the worry is that the wedding-related footage will go to waste and viewers won’t want to watch with no wedding happening.

While that logic would make sense in a world full of people who prefer consuming the happiness and well-being of others rather than watching a stranger unravel on screen, the world we live in prefers the drama of a post-breakup heroine over a wedding any day. The freshness of a broken engagement could fuel all the eccentric diva parts of Carey that may feel ripe for emotional revenge and validation.

If we’re lucky, her post breakup coping will include meltdowns as memorable as the time she spontaneously carted ice-cream onto the stage of TRL. This could be the fuel for the soul-filled breakup album of a decade, or it could push Carey to take her love of butterflies to the next level by redecorating her whole house into a gigantic cocoon. The sky of emotional exploitation is truly the limit, and E! of all stations should know that.

If there’s anything that will feed the emotional hunger of people tuning into reality TV, it’s Carey spinning off with fresh breakup conviction. E! should really be relieved.