Burger King dressed up as McDonald’s ghost in hilarious Halloween prank

Occasionally there’s a Halloween costume that manages to channel just enough realism and psychological terror to truly send shivers down our spines, and this year that costume took the shape of Burger King dressing up as McDonald’s ghost. In what was possibly the most shade-filled Halloween costume ever worn by a building (how is this sentence real), a Burger King in Queens, New York dressed like a McDonald’s ghost, complete with a draped gigantic white sheet, eye-holes revealing the Burger King logo, the McDonald’s golden arches as eyebrows, and an unbeatable sense of pettiness.

In the small case that draping their gigantic building in white tarps and a fake McDonald’s logos for the sole sense of trolling wasn’t enough, the costume also features a sign that says: “Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.”

They can now confidently say that their flame grilling practices also apply in roast battles. Also, this fully confirms that Burger King is the moody friend you want on your side, because once they’ve turned against you, they’ll pull out the big guns and go for the gut. One of the silliest parts of this whole costume prank is imagining a manager gathering employees and instructing them to spend their shift putting a ghost costume on the building. How many ladders were used, or was there a crane for this large-scale corporate level of pettiness?!

At this point, the Burger King location (at 92-85 Queens Blvd.) is the only location that’s made the effort to go full-method in their artful hatred of McDonald’s, but it’s obvious the corporate headquarters gave a thumbs up for the prank, since they’ve posted several promotional videos on the official Burger King Youtube channel.

There are few more ridiculous ways to start your day than by watching the silhouette of a man eating a burger in the middle of simulated fog while the screams of underpaid actors emphasize the general dislike of McDonald’s promoted by Burger King’s marketing. Unsurprisingly, the internet appreciated BK’s commitment to costuming and shit-talking.

The trolling sign really does push the prank into a brand new world of performance art-level dissing, and that’s something we can all respect in times of emotional wreckage.


If Burger King was a person, it’d be that friend at the costume party that no one could match, because they spent months hand-sewing their outfit. They would also be the friend who eventually gets kicked out for insulting the host and stealing the fake skeleton, but that’s exactly why this works.