Ciara and Russell Wilson are expecting a baby, which isn’t an invitation to hate on them

Ciara is officially having the best 2016 ever. Earlier this year, her NFL quarterback beau Russell Wilson posted a video on his Instagram page of him proposing to Ciara and their fairy tale summer wedding soon followed. Now, Ciara and Russell Wilson have announced their pregnancy on social media, and everyone seems to have an opinion. While most people are thrilled to see the Wilsons expanding their family (Ciara has a 2-year-old son from a previous relationship), there is always a small corner of jealous people with malicious things to say about their joyous news.

A few days ago, rumors began swirling about whether Ciara was expecting after she appeared on Live with Kelly wearing an artsy top that suspiciously covered her belly. She also made an appearance at a women’s empowerment event in Atlanta with a loose-fitting cream pantsuit. The singer – who is known for showing off her sculpted body – celebrated her 31st birthday on Oct. 25, and decided to cap the special day off with an Instagram post to confirm her pregnancy. The featured black and white photo shows a blissful Ciara leaning back on her husband with her eyes closed while their fingers interlock on her belly. Wilson also shared the same photo on his page and said their child was the greatest blessing of all. Aww.

Soon after the post, of course, people began to share their reactions on Twitter and Instagram. In the midst of congratulations and well-wishes, several people (whom I like to call the “baby mama bashers”) popped up with their unnecessary comments. Throughout Ciara and Russell’s relationship, she has had to go through a nasty public feud with her ex-fiancé and father of her first child, Future. The ongoing legal battle between the two has resulted in him degrading her on social media, in interviews, in music, and to pretty much anyone who will listen.

And, for some reason, many people feel like she is not “worthy” of Russell – who is a devout Christian – because she is a mother and has been in a couple of high-profile relationships. The tweets about her pregnancy ranged from people calling her derogatory names to disses against Russell for marrying her and starting a family. But, it seems to be OK for Future to have multiple kids by multiple women and live his life in peace after allegedly cheating on Ciara and breaking off their engagement? Sure.

All of this misogynistic behavior is a shame and shows how little people think of a mother’s happiness. Yes, Ciara has a child from a previous relationship – so what? She’s certainly not the first woman to fall in love with a man, have a child with him, and eventually leave the relationship for her own reasons. Now, she has moved on with a man who clearly loves her and her son to pieces. Every woman deserves happiness, and Ciara’s definition of happiness clearly includes marriage and a family. It’s not for anyone to decide what someone else is worthy of having or what they deserve based on their past. So, the people who are mad at Ciara’s upgrade to Russell should just step away from their keyboards and phones immediately. No hateful word against Ciara shall prosper.

Congratulations to the Wilsons! Keep being happy while others stay salty.