Angelina Jolie spent four hours talking to the FBI about Brad Pitt’s alleged abuse

The Brangelina divorce drama is getting more complicated by the day. The Hollywood couple shocked the world in September when Angelina filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Pitt has since been accused of being physically/verbally abusive toward their 15-year-old son, Maddox, and has now resulted in Angelina Jolie meeting with the FBI to talk further about the alleged abuse. The men in black spent four hours talking with Jolie about an alleged incident between Maddox and Pitt on a private flight from France to California, as the FBI handles mid-flight altercations. Of course, she reportedly cooperated with the agents (because no one messes with the FBI) and even allowed them to speak with some of the couple’s six children.

The time between Jolie and the FBI was spent recounting the details of what happened throughout the duration of the flight. Since their split, the Jolie-Pitt kids have temporarily remained with their mom while Pitt is granted visitation. A person close to Pitt spoke to ET news and said he felt frustrated by the attempts to sully his name with the abuse allegations and maintains that he has never abused any of this children. Despite his denials, the FBI is still looking into assault charges and pursuing their investigation – a sign of more drama and uncovered dirt to come.

In his estranged wife’s divorce filing, she said she wants full custody of the kids. Of course, Pitt is reportedly not happy about her wishes and wants to share custody, but he doesn’t want to go through a court circus in front of the kids (and the world.) Their temporary parenting plan set up by the Department of Family and Child Services was set to expire Oct. 20, but has been extended to fit the investigation, so only time will tell what their future holds. It’s pretty sad to see a beloved couple go through a public fiasco, especially one who people love to see together.

Divorce – especially with kids involved – is a messy affair for anyone, but it’s magnified in the celebrity world, as their every move is carefully watched. Even worse, their kids have to deal with their parents’ separation and increased public scrutiny as they try to process it all. The abuse allegations are only exacerbating the situation, putting all eyes on Pitt.

What will happen to the prolific actor’s relationship with his kids and his career as a result of this investigation? No one may ever uncover the exact answer about the abuse allegations, but hopefully there is no truth behind that anonymous tip given to the FBI.