The Trump campaign spent more money on hats than polling, one of many excellent political choices

There are approximately two people outside of the Trump family willing to argue that Donald Trump has run an intelligent, strategic, and successful presidential campaign. Those people are clearly lost souls, but the rest of us can try to find amusement in just how bizarre the Trump camp’s choices have been. Even outside of the scandals that inevitably surfaced after decades of unfiltered, arrogant interviews, the campaign has been a volatile operation no one seemed able to fully control. Exhibit A: The Trump campaign spent more money on hats than polling.

The Washington Post reports the campaign’s Federal Election Commission filings show $1.8 million was spent on polling from June 2015 through September 2016, compared to $3.2 million spent on hats. The Post explains that the $3.2 million could include other items from the same vendor, but one line-item in the campaign filings for more than $2 million was for sure only hats, so it’s safe to say Trump spent between $2 and $3.2 million on his signature hats. Those things he uses to cover up his hair, but just make everyone’s head look three times larger.

The Trump campaign site has 16 different iterations of the now-infamous Make America Great Again and Trump-Pence hats (18 if you count these hideous visors as hats, but they’re really hats’ unloved stepchildren). You may think that’s overkill, but remember that Trump does everything bigger, better, and more fantastic than anyone else ever could, so really, it’s not surprising.

Sure, every presidential candidate these days pours a lot of money into branded merch that allows them to pinpoint their loyal followers in any crowd, but most know what an appropriate amount of money to spend on hats, T-shirts, and bumper stickers is. It was reported back in August that Trump was spending more money on merch than campaign staff — you know, the people working to get him elected. So this poor choice isn’t an entirely new phenomenon for the Republican nominee.

This simply reinforces theories that Trump doesn’t care about actually becoming president, but just wants to make “Trump” even more of a household name and sell a bunch of shit (done and done). Maybe he just wants to make America great again one hat at a time, rather than one law/policy/plan at a time, because he has way more hats than ideas about solving the nation’s problems.

Regardless, I think America needs to make hats great again, because these puppies are pretty ugly.