Look at these legs: the internet optical illusion of the week

The internet is fascinated by photos that people see so differently they’re motivated to publicly argue about it. Which brings me to this week’s iteration — a photo of shiny legs. Are they slathered in oil or is it paint? We’ll never know.

Just like The Dress and The Purse that came before, The Legs quickly threw the people who spend all day surfing the interwebz for random photos to obsess over into a frenzy. Instagram user leonardhoespams originally posted the photo (and they’re sick and tired of people using it as a meme without crediting them, so give them some credit goddammit), probably just thinking, “Ooh look at my shiny AF legs, friends. This is pretty funny, right?!” But people took the photo and ran with it, turning it into what’s now known as a classic “he saw-she saw” situation.

Check out these viral legs:

Woooooow so shiny.