The official ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival trailer is here because we aren’t too proud to take your clicks

This year, we have something extra to be grateful for come Thanksgiving: the return of a show that grown women everywhere hate to love. The four 90-minute episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will hit Netflix Nov. 25, and you’re probably already planning to secretly stay in bed all day surrounded by piles of junk food while lying to everyone you know about the great Black Friday deals you definitely didn’t get. Until then, we have the official Gilmore Girls Netflix trailer to tide us over.

Look, of course I think Gilmore Girls is lame and overdone and I want to think of myself as too cool for Stars Hallow drama, but I’m not, and you aren’t either because you’re here to see this trailer. When you grow up watching Lorelai and Rory pour endless amounts of coffee down their throats and order enough Chinese food to feed the whole town, you kind of have to know where they end up.

The trailer actually offers a lot of clues as to the Gilmores’ fates. Lorelai is predictably with Luke but questioning their love, her life, and pretty much everything, as she tends to do. Rory seems to be single (Dean, Jess, and Logan are all garbage) and still unsure of her career path.

Here’s the full trailer:

Not much has changed in Stars Hallow, it seems.