Rhode Island women hold pro-yoga pants parade in response to offensive letter

In what is perhaps the pettiest parade to date, hundreds of women wore yoga pants in protest during a Yoga Pants Parade in Rhode Island on Sunday. The flood of women wearing stretchy pants with conviction was organized in response to a letter to the editor written by a man who said women over 20 years old shouldn’t wear yoga pants in public, going so far as to oppressively claim the pants are tacky and ridiculous. Rather than allowing the stodgy man to nurse irrelevant and petty opinions, the women of the coastal town Barrington decided to coordinate possibly the worst Improv Everywhere by forming a parade of protesting women in yoga attire in front of the man’s house on Sunday.

While policing women’s bodies and declaring certain bodies and outfits are more acceptable than others is obviously an offensive symptom of objectification, a singular man in his 60s writing an open letter against yoga pants maybe isn’t worthy of the pageantry of protest given the rampant misogyny of our 2016 election cycle and the influx of #BlackLivesMatter events protesting police brutality against people of color.

A woman named Ellen Taylor told The Boston Globe that while she normally isn’t political, this particular cause brought her out of the woodwork:

“I don’t get involved in much in the way of protests and marches and all of that, but this just brought me out because the guy’s letter was offensive. It’s OK if you’re 20 and gorgeous to wear yoga pants, but don’t do it if you’re older and lumpy and bumpy?”

The sentiments of Taylor were shared by the hundreds of women of all ages (and men too) who attended the yoga pants rally on Sunday, ending the day with free yoga at the park.

The community’s ability to quickly unify in defense of women’s right to wear whatever they want is admirable in many ways, but it’s still difficult to stomach a “Yoga Pants Parade.”

Then again, the open letter in the East Bay RI written by Alan Sorrentino was a mouthful of unnecessary fashion opinions and body-shaming, during which Sorrentino compared yoga pants to speedos:

“Besides, why would you want to wear something that’s seen on dozens of other women every day, everywhere? I thought women didn’t like doing that for obvious reasons. Yoga pants belong in the yoga studio. What’s next? Wearing a “Speedo” to the supermarket? Imagine if men did that. Yuck!”

In conclusion: wear whatever you want. Hell, write open letters to editors about preferred attire on women if you want. But be prepared for a parade if you tread on the fashion choices of women.