Internet outage disrupts Twitter and Spotify, reportedly due to cyber attack

Friday morning, people across the U.S. couldn’t access certain websites, making it feel like the Monday-est Friday ever. The internet outage was reportedly caused by a cyber attack that shut down access to popular sites, including Twitter and Spotify. CNET reports there was a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on a DNS (domain name system) infrastructure targeted toward Dyn, an internet performance management company.

Most people affected by the outage were on the East Coast, and along with Twitter and Spotify, Reddit and Vox were also inaccessible. Amazon shoppers saw some site disruptions too, and the company’s web services said on its site, “Customers may experience failures indicating ‘hostname unknown’ or ‘unknown host exception’ when attempting to resolve the hostnames for AWS services and EC2 instances,” but deemed the issue resolved by 9:40 a.m. ET.

Dyn also told CNET its services were back up and running before 10 a.m., so hopefully we can all use the internet IN PEACE the rest of the day. I mean, if you’re going to disrupt the internet, go after trolls or politicians (Reddit was a good starting point), but leave innocent online shoppers and music listeners alone. We have enough to deal with without the entire internet crumbling before our eyes.

Since most of us simply don’t know how to function without the interwebz, fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again.