Watch Rudy Giuliani keep grabbing Erin Burnett with his decaying man paw

Leading up to Wednesday night’s debate, former New York City Mayor and current Donald Trump puppet Rudy Giuliani sat down with Mark Cuban and CNN’s Erin Burnett to duke it out over Hillary Clinton’s somehow still relevant email scandal. As if listening to the Trump surrogate tirelessly defend the Republican nominee with zero facts weren’t painful enough, Giuliani kept touching Burnett’s arm, which was both entirely unnecessary and entirely creepy. I guess Giuliana and Trump have even more in common than we thought.

Burnett remained composed on air and didn’t seem to notice that the old man’s wrinkly hand kept gently touching her arm, but hopefully she told him once the camera was off to keep his fucking hands off her. She’s not a dog for you to pet, sir. If you want to signal that you have something to say, just raise your hand or interrupt whoever’s talking like your ole pal Trump.

Giuliani has consistently proven over the past year that his brain is made of old jello (whatever the worst flavor is), and now he’s apparently forgotten what personal space and boundaries are. Someone please explain to him, like a 3 year old, that you have to keep your hands to yourself.

Gag. I hope Burnett took a long, hot shower afterwards.