The 15 best #TrumpBookReport tweets are book lovers’ saving grace after that garbage debate

At this point in the election, with a little over two weeks until Nov. 8, no one wants to hear Trump’s whiny voice. The only thing getting us through this trying time is the fact that he says such absurd things we don’t even have to try to make jokes, he just hands them to us. It’s also super easy to mimic his hyperbolic, barely-English speech, which is precisely why #TrumpBookReport tweets are so funny.

It’s highly unlikely Trump has read an actual book about something other than him in his adult life, but there’s no denying it would be very entertaining to get his takes on classic novels and infamous characters. If he talks about books the way he talks about people, there would be lots of insults that made little sense and an endless stream of exclamation points no matter what the topic.

The ingenious hashtag allows book lovers to speculate about what the Republican presidential nominee would say about every book from To Kill a Mockingbird to Alice in Wonderland. Since he tends to speak to issues he knows nothing about, most say absolutely nothing about the actual plot or characters of the books. Here are the best #TrumpBookReport tweets on the interweb.

On To Kill a Mockingbird

On The Bible

On Catch-22

On Alice in Wonderland

On A Streetcar Named Desire

On Pride and Prejudice

On Little Women

On The Scarlet Letter

On King Lear

On A Series of Unfortunate Events

On Hamlet

On Frankenstein

On Bridget Jones

On One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

On Lolita

They don’t teach literature at Trump University.