Kourtney Kardashian is the last of the family to talk about Kim’s robbery

So it looks like after a few weeks, Kourtney Kardashian’s finally made a statement about Kim’s robbery. She said this week on Australia’s Today show that the whole family is trying to “soldier on.” And watch out for Kim. Kourtney said, “She’s not doing great. We’re all still shaken up and I think she has a big, supportive family. Like all the traumatic things that we’ve been though, we get through them together as a family and that’s what family’s all about.” I will give the family some credit, not just for staying on message (both Kris Jenner and Khloe said the same exact thing), but they also have the nerve to just say out loud, in their best Larry David voice, “Yeah, she’s not great. Not great at all.”

Kim Kardashian and her sisters could have put on a big “you can’t hurt us” facade after the robbery and instead they’ve just done what, I think, normal people would do. If normal people were tied up, held at gunpoint, and robbed of millions of dollars of bling. During the robbery, Kourtney was actually out with Kendall partying and using Kim’s bodyguard, which is why he wasn’t around for the break-in. Kim had called it a night a little earlier than her two sisters.

Kourtney added on Australia’s Today show that she was feeling a little stressed about the break-in, too. “I feel like, in our family especially, we go through traumatic things, our lives move so quickly, sometimes we don’t have time to digest them. I’ve personally been taking time to digest everything and I’m still shaken up,” she said.

It shows how close they are (unless it’s all an act, which after watching a bazillion seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I just don’t believe) that they’re all really shaken up even though they weren’t the ones yanked out bed, held at gunpoint, and tied up.

Kim was though, and she’s seriously laying low. She’s posted to her website that she’s taking time off and has no intention of being out in public anytime soon. Reportedly, she sleeps at her mom’s with her kids, North and Saint, while Kanye’s on his Saint Pablo tour. A source told Us Weekly that Kim’s “been [having] difficulty sleeping and has anxiety when she leaves the house. She’s never experienced anything like this before. This shattered her world.”

Maybe they just all need a vacation that isn’t a two-episode TV special.