Coolest dog ever cruises around London with the greatest resting bitch face

Not all heroes wear capes and not all those with resting bitch face are human. For example, take Roxy, a badass dog with a resting bitch face that could cut through stone. The brown French mastiff cruises around London in a white Mango Couriers van, sitting up like a person with her paws resting on the window, looking entirely unimpressed with everything surrounding her and life in general.

Roxy the dog even has her own Twitter account that says, “Mostly seen cruisin’ round London chillin’ in my courier van. Known to drool occasionally. I AM NOT A BOY DOG.” Don’t you dare confuse her for a boy dog — it’s clearly a soft spot for her.

Her owner, Nick Morris, started taking her to work every day because his partner banished her from their home due to her excessive drooling. The 46-year-old told The Daily Mail: “She has come with me since she’s been a pup, so she’s become comfortable sitting in the van. She dribbles so my partner used to moan about her being at home dribbling and shaking it everywhere so it was better for her to sit in the van with me and shake it over me.” It looks like she’s learned to just lean out the window and let the drool fly in the wind.

Now time for a nap.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve finally found my spirit animal.