America’s registered voters are at an all-time high despite this election making everyone vomit

I don’t want to get all patriotic on you or anything, but the fact that there are more registered voters than ever before speaks to something about American character. Whether it’s stubbornness or a little sadomasochism, it says something that during one of the most garbage election cycles anyone not elderly can remember, people are sucking it up to vote for someone. Or at least they plan on it, as long as they can get off work or it’s not raining or something.

I mean really — we’re deciding between two garbage candidates. And in the primary season, when there were like a bazillion white dudes and Carly Fiorina saying weird things about abortion and women’s rights, or Bernie Sanders just spitting all over himself while he yelled at crowds of college freshman. The choices weren’t great.

Instead of saying “nah, nope, no way,” there are 200 million registered voters, which is the most registered voters ever, in all of American history. (Of course, it wasn’t until 1965 that Congress passed the Voting Rights Act, which enforced the right to vote for black Americans in the South, and there was that whole thing about women not being able to vote until 1920, but, hey, we’re getting better.)

Let’s just look at Jesse Williams get excited about voting:

I don’t want to sugarcoat anything since voter suppression is alive and well all over the country. Voter ID laws and the lack of same day registration — all of it gets in the way of making the electorate even yuuuuuuger. But a Pew Research Center study from this year says that the 2016 electorate will be the most racially and ethnically diverse ever, where 31 percent of voters on Nov. 8 will be Hispanic, black, Asian, or some other racial or ethnic background. There is actually no national database of registered voters, so each state has to report their own number. I know it’s an American hallmark, but sometimes this whole state’s rights thing gets in the way of simplifying the most fundamental things, like voting. And when states are left to their own devices, things can get out of hand.

This is a little disconcerting: There have been reports of counties, like in the state of Illinois for example, having more registered voters than residents. So that’s, uh, not good. But since the findings, the voter rolls have allegedly been purged and handled. Let’s cross our fingers on that one, because if Trump is planning on contesting the election based on fraud, there can’t be any instances of misconduct. Seriously, everyone, play by the rules.

So even if some counties have possibly beefed up their rolls, there are still more voters than ever before, which is a good thing. Most of the new voters have registered in the past eight years, which means the Obama Coalition everyone always talks about and the “youth” vote is a real thing. Let’s all just be happy that there are tons of new voters who might make it to the polls in November and actually do something. As long we don’t screw this up.