5 facts about the inner city, according to Donald Trump

On Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wrapped up their final debate in Las Vegas. At the end of the debate, moderator Chris Wallace gave both candidates a chance for final statements. Trump once again gave false facts about inner city people in an effort to pander to the minority vote. The real estate tycoon has been known to refer to people of color as “the blacks” and “the Latinos” and often makes blanket statements about these same groups. And, somehow, his conversations about people of color always lead to rants about the inner city life – his code words for ghetto.

In his closing statement, Trump claimed that he would fix all the ills of inner city society. He said Clinton had not done anything for “the African-Americans” and he asked black people to vote for him and help him in his quest to “Make America Great Again” – which sounds an awful lot like an America where black people don’t have any rights. This is both laughable and horribly depressing, because he actually believes his ridiculous facts about the people who live in the city.

Here are five facts about the inner city, according to Donald Trump:

Everyone is black

Trump uses his “the blacks” phrase interchangeably with “inner city” because he automatically associates low-income neighborhoods with black people. I am black, and I do not live in an “inner city” neighborhood. If he knew anything about any inner city neighborhood, then he would know that many of the neighborhoods are racially diverse.

No one goes to school

According to the presidential nominee, inner city people have no education. Hmm. There are plenty of people who have pursued higher education and still live in a lower income neighborhood because that is what they can afford. To assume everyone in an area is uneducated is just offensive.

No one has a job

Not only is everyone uneducated, no one has a job either. Black people have jobs. People who live in the inner city have jobs. People work hard to make ends meet everyday. Don’t be an idiot.

Everyone is getting shot

No, everyone is not getting shot. The fact is violence can happen in any neighborhood and to anyone. If only he would focus that energy on racism and people of color dying at the hands of people who are supposed to protect them.

They have nothing to lose

Really? There is a lot to lose. Lives are being lost because of police brutality. Wages are being lost because of systemic racism. People are suffering because they can barely afford to meet their basic needs. And, with the wrong people in positions of power, life can become much harder for people who are already struggling. What exactly WILL you do for “the blacks,” sir?

This entire election and Trump’s thoughts about the inner city belong in the same place – the garbage.