Will Donald Trump drop out if he loses the debate? Here’s what we can expect

Tonight marks the final presidential debate, thank god. The nation’s non-idiot population has spent months with tense shoulder muscles, terrified as new statistics surface suggesting anything but crushing defeat for Republican candidate and all-around ding-dong Donald Trump winning the presidency. So, something many people are wondering now is: Will Trump drop out if he loses the debate?


Hopefully this reminder comes as a news flash to no one, but please recall this man was recorded bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy” in a 2005 conversation. And that’s not the only problematic quote escaping his slimy lizard lips. Anyway, this is a person still considered a prospective president of the United States of America, and as such, he’s slated to appear in tonight’s final presidential debate before election day next month (Republicans, remember that’s November 28).

Pinned against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, established politician never noted for calling her daughter “a piece of ass,” if Trump does lose the debate, will he drop out? Each day he stays in the presidential race, I continue training myself for potentially walking into the sea, perhaps to never be heard of again. It’s scary! Right? Before freaking out and purchasing scuba gear, here’s what we know.

Trump’s ~wall plan~ was one of the first elements of ridiculousness that caught him flack. As in, he legit proposed a tangible wall along the border between the U.S. and Mexico — and that Mexico would pay for it — as a solution to illegal immigrants. In response, Trump has asked if the general American public knows what “xenophobe” means, which, sick burn…?

At a time when women and non-binary people need a champion most, Trump presents himself as the polar opposite. There’s the startling response author Kelly Oxford summoned when asking women to tweet stories of sexual harassment and abuse with the #NotOK hashtag. Oxford says she had close to 10 million responses within 24 hours. In the meantime, the number of women personally violated by Trump is beyond startling. And it just keeps going.

The Republican National Committee has threatened to cut funding to Trump’s campaign, which sounds promising, but doesn’t have exhaustive powers. Fortune reports the Republican Party rules don’t include any established procedure to dismiss a nominee — unless, of course, the candidate is down to bounce on their own accord. And Trump? That plain doesn’t seem likely. It wasn’t coincidence an Anti-Trump campaign adapted “You’re So Vain,” which dropped the day before the second presidential debate.

It can’t be much reassurance when many Trump supporters don’t think he’ll win. So what will happen? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.