We want to punch Donald Trump in the throat

At tonight’s final presidential debate, Republican candidate Donald Trump said, “No one has more respect for women than I do.” It was one of those moments where we just sort of cackled and burst into flames and also had to reach for that second bottle of wine because…how. How did we get here, America?

In case you’ve somehow been lucky enough to miss this entire election season (we wish we were you), here’s the problem with that: Donald Trump bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy.” And then all of these women came forward to say Donald Trump did, in fact, grab them by the pussy. But now he’s saying it was all made up by Hillary Clinton, and that they’ve been “debunked.” Because men who respect women say that women make up allegations about sexual assault. Mhm.

But we already know those kinds of lies don’t happen odften. False reporting of sexual assault ranges between a mere 2% and 10% of reports. People overwhelmingly just don’t lie about sexual assault. If anything, it’s estimated that only 30% of sexual assault survivors and victims ever come forward. While our sexist society loves being suspicious of women who come forward one after another about a rapist being, well, a rapist, it’s not because they’re lying, or seeking fame. It’s because they finally feel safe coming forward because they finally know, sometimes after decades, that they aren’t the only ones it happened to. And they have hope that they’ll be believed.

Why would these women make this up? To like, frame him or something? Make him look bad? As if he doesn’t do that well enough on his own. One of the most baffling things about this cringe-worthy election season is the continual pattern of Donald Trump saying something, people getting mad, and then him taking it back. Despite the fact that many (including his wife, Melania Trump) have defended Trump bragging about sexual assault, somehow he never seems to realize that what he said was wrong.

Even Donald Trump doesn’t want to be associated with Donald Trump.

But that isn’t how this works. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. He’s the same guy who was attracted to a 12-year-old Paris Hilton. He’s the same guy who said he’d date his daughter. He’s the same guy who joked about dating 10-year-olds. And he’s the same guy who bragged about sexual assault. Donald Trump is stuck with Donald Trump. Are we, too?