This one little thing Hillary Clinton said about abortion means so much

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton disputed the end of Roe v. Wade in this final presidential debate, which makes total sense as it was a decision made 43 years ago. Said decision also secured the hugely humane, compassionate law to allow women to terminate unwanted pregnancies because of health, financial, or any other reason. It’s a basic human right in the United States and has been for over four decades. It’s an entirely important freedom the people of our country deserve to exercise and are entitled to exercise moving forward. The fact Republican candidate Donald Trump is so pro-life he says he’ll appoint Supreme Court judges with similar ideologies to “overturn” that decision, which has been honored just as long, is beeeyond.

Trump says people who have decided to have abortions should suffer “some form of punishment,” presumably as some weirdo act of penance for their choice. IDK, y’all.

The fact that people — primarily cisgender, hyper-hetero white dudes — feel entitled to make decisions that affect others’ bodies AND LIVES doesn’t begin to make sense. First of all, someone’s decision on whether or not to bring an unwanted pregnancy to term isn’t always a devastating one. Of course, every instance is unique and different and tailored to the person carrying pregnancy tissue and figuring out WTF to do next, but for many, it isn’t an intensely emotional one.

Am I the only person watching this debate who’s seen Obvious Child, aka the “abortion movie” starring Jenny Slate? I know I’m not the only person watching who’s had a totally meditated, totally peaceful, totally non-regrettable abortion that made sense for the point of life in which I was in at the time. To ignore the fact that life is different for different people in different seasons of their lives is straight-up idiotic. Many people who decide to get an abortion do so without internal turmoil or psychological debate. It does not have to involve taking more than one day off work physically recovering for what is literal surgery. It’s omnipresent, and is a familiar tune for one in three women.

Last month Trump penned an “anti-abortion” letter, deliberately different in rhetoric from the “pro-life” refrain. Among other choice selections,  Trump called IUDs “early abortions,” which, OK?!! Now, he’s honing in on late-term abortion, specifically calling out theoretical abortions poised to happen the last day of a person’s pregnancy term (which varies state by state, BTW).