The best memes from the third presidential debate make the impending apocalypse look alright

The road to Election Day is coming to an end, and everyone in America is ready for it to be over. Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off on Wednesday night, and it’s difficult to choose the best memes from the third presidential debate because they are taking over social media. Ahead of time, viewers knew how the night would proceed — Trump would dance around questions about his alleged sexual assaults against women, Clinton would give him the side eye, and verbal punches would be thrown by both parties as Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace moderated the madness.

However, there are many people out there who are completely over sitting through debates or only want to follow them so they can understand the jokes on social media. By now, many voters have already decided who they support and both candidates have a strong following who will support them no matter what new information arrives – even if it is unfavorable. For those who only want to see the hilarious, shocking, and bizarre moments from the debate, here’s a recap of everything that will never be forgotten in one of the most polarizing elections in American history.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from the final debate:

Debates are an excuse for weeknight wine drinking

And dangerous drinking games…

So be prepared for potential alcohol poisoning

Rules were made and won’t be followed

Especially not by Trump, who needs to be stopped by an airhorn

But it’s OK because moderator Chris Wallace ain’t here for the bullshit

Let the faceswapping… I mean debate begin

Trump said he wanted to uphold the constitution the way it’s meant to be. Interesting.

Hillary defended women’s right to an abortion… and some people didn’t like it

But others did… and they didn’t want to hear Donald’s thoughts on women’s rights. Because… man.

And Hillary called him out on it.

Because she came with receipts on many things

And some people think God himself is dropping hints about Hillary

Debt and taxes? What taxes?

Let’s talk about that wall

And use words like “bigly”

And say contradictory statements

Seriously, this debate was too damn long

But it couldn’t end without talking about those African-Americans

Thankfully, it’s all over now. Praise Beyonce.

Hang in there, everyone. This crazy election is almost over now and we can all look forward to America falling to pieces on Election Day!