Kim Kardashian isn’t returning to her old life after traumatizing Paris robbery

If you’re waiting for a surprise appearance from Kim Kardashian on Snapchat or Instagram anytime soon, you’re going to have to keep waiting. Rumor has it that a traumatized Kim Kardashian isn’t returning to her old life after the robbery in Paris, and who can blame her? Sources told People that Kardashian is pretty much holed up in her L.A. home with her kids. Kanye West has resumed his Saint Pablo tour but flies back all the time to check in with her, and when he’s not home, Kardashian takes the kids and her bodyguard to her mom’s house. She’s only left the house to do that and to go to “important meetings,” according to the insider.

It’s sort of sad to watch, if only because Kardashian was always everywhere and her new reclusive status means she is definitely going through it right now. But who wouldn’t be? Kardashian was tied up, held at gunpoint, and robbed by two masked men. Some jerk even had the nerve to record her in her apartment after the robbery, while she was talking to police. It was violent and scary and totally crazy. Something like that will make you think a little bit about your life and safety.

But she shouldn’t have to completely hide from what she likes doing or stop doing the super glam things she does because she feels like she’s at fault for being robbed. A source told E! News that she takes a bodyguard on every “solo outing,” though she used to love solo outings without anyone around. She’s also not planning anything for her birthday this weekend and she’s been totally off social media. This week, her assistant and close friend Stephanie Sheppard posted a note to Kardashian’s website that said the reality star was taking “some much needed time” to herself and that her friends and family would be taking over the upkeep of her site. Screw the jewels, the robbers took Kim Kardashian as we all know and love her.

Her sister Khloe told Ellen Degeneres things were moving slowly. “I mean, she’s not doing that well. I mean, it’s incredibly traumatic what happened to her, but our family is super close and great and we’ll get through it together, and we do appreciate all of your guys’ love and support and it will take time,” Khloe said. “You know it was horrible what happened to her.” Kris Jenner also said that she’s just been doing “what a mom does” by keeping her family close and letting Kardashian crash with the kids and relax.

Abdulrahman, who didn’t give his last name to media, was the part-time security guard that let the men into the hotel room. He told The Daily Mail he begged them not to hurt her and he was tied up right away. He also watched the men pull Kardashian out of bed, but claimed the robbers said they just wanted money, not to hurt the star. But seriously — you get yanked out of bed by two men with guns and see if you feel like Snapchatting your birthday party with Chrissy Teigen a few weeks later.

People should stop being total assholes — like buying this Kim Kardashian robbery Halloween costume — and get off her back about the robbery being “her fault” or faked. Even Teigen, who said she’s been texting with her friend, blames social media for the theft. Sure, the robbers knew what she had and what they wanted. But if Kardashian “deserves” to be held at gunpoint because she posted a picture of her jewels, then all of us deserve to be robbed for our lowly, boring accessories that can be seen on Instagram.