Hillary Clinton’s closing statement from the final debate proves that she’s prepared for everything, including the presidency

The time has finally come: the debates are over. And while the first presidential debate was still probably the most heated, we can all agree that we’re feeling a little less stressed knowing that these things are done with. Though, of course, now we have to freak out about the election. UGH. Goodbye, final presidential debate. We won’t miss you. Anyway, it is worth looking at Hillary Clinton’s closing statement from the third debate.

Despite supposedly not having one planned in advance (though, let’s be real, Hillary Clinton is clearly not a last minute kinda gal), Clinton totally killed it with her concise closing statement for the final presidential debate.

Clinton closed the debate by reaching across the aisle, and focusing on inclusivity:

“Well, I would like to say to everyone watching tonight that I’m reaching out to all Americans — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Because we need everybody to help make our country what it should be. To grow the economy, to make it fairer, to make it work for everyone. We need your talents, your skills, your commitment, your energy, your ambition. You know, I’ve been privileged to see the presidency up close and I know the awesome responsibility of protecting our country and the incredible opportunity of working to try to make life better for all of you. I have made the cause of children and families really my life’s work. That’s what my mission will be in the presidency. I will stand up for families against powerful interests, against corporations. I will do everything I can to make sure you have good jobs with rising incomes, that your kids have good educations from preschool through college. I hope you will give me a chance to serve as your president.”

Her closing feels like one giant hug. It definitely makes sense that her closing statement was so driven inclusivity and reminding us that she’s trying to reach out to everyone, not just one specific group. Her entire campaign has been based on inclusivity, with much of her support coming from marginalized groups like the LGBTQ+ community and the black community, both of which overwhelmingly support her. Like, a lot. Especially black people, who are polled to be voting Trump at 0%.

Clinton’s issue-spanning closing statement was succinct and well-prepared, just like she always seems to be. Is she too prepared? Some say yes, and continue to still doubt her authenticity. But there’s something comforting about the idea of a president who’s ready for anything.

You could even say it’s presidential.