Here are the 10 most popular Halloween costumes for 2016 you’ll want to avoid to stand out

As if Halloween wasn’t hard enough (trying to eat all the chocolate is not an easy feat), finding the perfect costume is stressful AF. The most popular Halloween costumes this year can offer you some guidance in what not to wear so you don’t blend in with the basic crowd. Unless you like blending in and being basic, then these costumes totally work.

It’s actually kind of ridiculous that there is only one topical costume: Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn. Everything else is sort of standard. There aren’t any Melania Trump’s, Sexy Ken Bones, or even a pot-smoking Malia Obama. Apparently we need to make America cool again.

The top costumes were calculated via Google’s Frightgeist, which lets you check out what costumes people are looking up, which might explain the boring costume picks, since they’re all the ones people are already thinking about buying, like the pre-packaged ones. The list is culled from the top 500 costume searches in the United States, but you can also filter the popular costumes locally, too, so you can see how many people near you want to be a witch on Halloween. (Seriously, though, do better than a witch this year, alright?) Without further ado, here are the top 10:

Harley Quinn

At least it can be warm.


Just don’t go home with anyone dressed like this.


You could DIY the heck out of this and make it cool.


All cats and puppies should be pirates this year.

Wonder Woman

Who doesn’t look banging in a Wonder Woman costume?


Keep it interesting.


A Batman costume? What are you 3 years old?

Star Wars

You’ll never be this good.


Aren’t clown costumes banned almost everywhere this year? And yes, do not grab a damn thing that’s not on your own body no matter what you’re dressed up as.


You can’t un-see this dinosaur costume. But again, a dinosaur, people? Are we all 5 years old?

Batman, clowns, and dinos. Real smart, everyone. The top 50 are even more boring, with costumes like mermaid, pikachu, zombie, Minnie Mouse, Deadpool, a vampire, or Poison Ivy. Obviously, a generic princess, minions, unicorns (kind of amazing), Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Catwoman, and a pumpkin are also up there on the list.

The only good news is that Minnie Mouse is cooler than Mickey Mouse (girl power), but lions, dolls, and “1980s” (which means next to nothing) are also possible looks this year. But really, get creative and be anything but Harley Quinn.