Clinton and Sanders both tried and failed to get Larry David’s endorsement, email leak finds

Over the past couple weeks, Wikileaks’ huge hack of DNC and Hillary Clinton emails has been leaking all kinds of biting, totally-relevant-to-the-election information. This is some seriously ground-breaking stuff the public just hasn’t been ready for, from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s top-secret, ultra creamy risotto recipe (goddamn!) to a top Bill Clinton aide calling Chelsea Clinton a “spoiled brat.” And most recently, the leak revealed both Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders tried and failed to get Larry David’s endorsement.

Obviously, the endorsement of the beloved Sanders doppelgänger would have come with all kinds of entertainment factor and sensationalism for either camp. It would be awfully charming for the Sanders camp to reel in the endorsement of a popular actor with the famed ability to comedically emulate Sanders’ down-to-earth, anti-establishment persona in Saturday Night Live sketches, especially after their memorable sketch together on a sinking ship back in February. And it would have been a savage blow to Sanders if a man literally paid to imitate and bring him to life on SNL preferred Clinton.

According to an email exchange from October 2015, Podesta asked Sara Latham, another Clinton aide, about David’s political stance. Latham checked in with actor Rob Reiner, and responded: “Rob spoke to Larry who said he isn’t endorsing anyone because he is going to keep playing Bernie on SNL. Bernie’s campaign contacted him right after the skit to ask him to endorse and he declined.”

For an actor, David’s stance was an awfully political, diplomatic one. It could be that he supported one of them (he seemed awfully bonded to Sanders, or, hey, maybe he’s just a good actor), but just loved playing Sanders so damn much he didn’t want to endorse either and jeopardize his role or attach contentious political sentiment to it.

David’s endorsement now probably wouldn’t mean an awful lot since he isn’t playing Sanders anymore. But given SNL’s now contentious relationship with Republican nominee Donald Trump, who called the show “unfunny” in a tweet and demanded it be shut down following an unflattering yet altogether realistic portrayal of his performance at the second presidential debate, I’d bet David’s a Clinton supporter.

bernie sanders larry david
CREDIT: NBC/Getty Images

David, star of the HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, won the hearts of Sanders supporters and critics alike with a portrayal of the Democratic socialist highlighting his charming qualities, but also relentlessly mocking his famously cynical, “holier-than-thou” nature. Next to Alec Baldwin’s pouting Trump and Kate McKinnon’s rehearsed, mechanical Clinton, David’s Sanders made SNL’s election coverage a source of comfort throughout this crazy, frustrating election season. God, don’t you just wish we could throw things back to the primaries?