Are Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump friends? They haven’t let the election get between them

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may be going head to head for the most important job in America, but are Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump friends despite the election circus? The answer is a resounding yes. The pair may keep the details of their friendship to themselves, but they have been seen showing each other love in photographs, interviews, and on Twitter. Mogul mom Trump confirmed the friendship during a segment on Fox’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. Even though her father is competing with Hillary Clinton for the biggest job in America, she said the relationship between her and the former first daughter has not been affected by the presidential race. Trump spoke to Fox’s Van Susteren and said, “We have a great respect for each other and that hasn’t changed. She’s a great girl and has been a great friend to me.”

She admitted the scrutiny on their lives was intense, but they continue to support each other in their personal lives as friends and respect their parents. The famous daughters were spotted together at Glamour’s Women of the Year awards last November and took several smiling pictures together. Earlier this year, Clinton spoke with Vogue magazine and had kind words about her friend. She said Trump encourages people to enjoy the moment and said she could be superficial because she is gorgeous, but she’s a good person who brings joy to any room. And, they took the high road at the last presidential debate and embraced each other after their parents verbally slayed each other, because they aren’t petty.

This friendship may seem unlikely, but it makes sense for several reasons. First, both of these women are in the same age range (Trump will be 35 Oct. 30 and Clinton is 36) and were raised in high-profile families. They both understand the pressures that come with their every move being analyzed and watched because of their infamous last names. Both women have pursued their own high-powered careers while juggling motherhood, marriage, and their duty to support their parents. Trump and Clinton surely understand each other and have a lot in common. And, as Trump said during her Fox interview, they are not the ones running for POTUS. They are both grown women who don’t have to automatically hate each other because it’s their lives and dammit they like each other a lot.

No matter how people feel about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, they have to respect their daughters for taking the high road and not letting the presidential run ruin their relationship.