3 debate issues that made me realize my experience babysitting children would make me a great debate moderator

The final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is going down tonight. The candidates are supposed to have the toughest job, but the real job is trying to moderate a debate. And there were several debate moments that made me realize my experience babysitting children would make me a great debate moderator. Kids argue all the time. They want to make sure they get their point across – even if they are loud and wrong – and don’t mind talking over anyone else in the room so they can be heard.

Babysitting kids takes the patience of a saint, the problem-solving skills of a mathematician, and the backbone of Judge Judy. Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace did a great job moderating, keeping everyone in check. But, it certainly wasn’t easy, with random outbursts and off-topic comments about walls and emails. There may not be any more opportunities for debate moderators this election season, but if I survive the aftermath of this insanity, then I think I might take on a new career as a debate moderator. After all, if it is anything like this debate, then I think my experience with kids makes me a qualified candidate. I’m seriously thinking about this.

Here are three debate moments that brought me to this realization:

No one waits their turn

Kids don’t believe in rules. They do what the hell they want to because they care nothing about rules. The debate started off relatively calm, but it was only a matter of time before Trump and Clinton began throwing blows at each other without waiting for their turn to talk. If I can keep kids from arguing over breathing the same air, then I can handle a debate.

Getting back on track after crazy comments

After Clinton defended a woman’s right to a late-term abortion, Trump said she supported “ripping babies from the womb.” Of course, this derailed the conversation and got a rise from the crowd. Kids also love to say really wild things for a nice shock value and have to be put back on track, so I can nip it in the bud because I am a babysitting extraordinaire.

No one wants to take responsibility

Addressing sexual assault, mocking disabled reporters, and support for barriers for illegal immigrants? Both candidates were asked about several key questions about their past actions but no one seemed to really want to answer the questions. Instead, they wanted to talk about those damn emails and other topics that had nothing to do with the question. I know how to get around the BS to the truth, so I will do as Wallace does and get to the truth.

Yep, that settles it. I’m going to become the next great debate moderator. Where do I apply?