This little girl trying to escape as Trump kisses her is all of us

You know how some people say children are more intuitive than adults? Like in horror movies, children are the first to sense the presence of a ghost, demon, or other evil presence in the house. This may have something to do with why this little girl cringed when Donald Trump tried to kiss her at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Backed by chants of “USA! USA!,” presumably right after he’d finished expounding upon his plans to deport or jail everyone with skin darker than his, he invited the girl to join him on stage in a totally not creepy way (also, she was black, thus proving he’s not racist). “And by the way, that is the most beautiful little girl,” he said. “Hi, honey. What a beautiful — look how beautiful. Hi. You wanna come up and see me?” When she got on stage, he picked her up and tried to kiss her, as politicians often do when faced with children, but she pulled away. Perhaps she sensed the evil, or perhaps she just didn’t want a serious creeper to kiss her, especially since some people think he was actually going for her lips rather than her cheek.

Trying to force physical contact after going on about how “beautiful” she looked is not OK no matter what, but coming from a man who has a history of allegedly sexually preying on underage girls and sexualizing his own daughters takes it into skin-crawling territory. To go back to the horror movie analogy, this video is the bit where you start shouting “GET OUT OF THERE!” at the main character.

It’s not the first time a little girl has been terrified by an encounter with Trump. In September, Mari Copeny, “Little Miss Flint” in the town of Flint, Michigan (you know, where the water is so bad it’s basically undrinkable), met Trump when he stopped by her town. Photos of the event depict a kid who’s so scared and upset by his proximity that she looks like she’s going to cry.

Compare this to her overjoyed reaction to meeting Barack Obama when he visited her town:

CREDIT: Jim Watson/Getty Images

That’s the look of a child who knows she’s in the company of a non-creepy adult.

If Trump really wants people to stop talking about how he sexualizes and behaves inappropriately towards children, then he should STOP SEXUALIZING CHILDREN. No more forcing kisses on young girls in front of a racist mob. In fact, he should just stay far, far away from young girls and women — anyone who’s female, really — from now until forever.

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