How to watch the third presidential debate online so you don’t miss the fall of American democracy

The third and last presidential debate is finally here, which means the election is this close to being over. But with the way this presidential election has been going, the debate is going to be completely insane. So here’s how to watch the third presidential debate online so you don’t miss any of the shenanigans.

It’s probably going to be just a littttllleeee bit contentious, given everything that’s happened since the last debate. Donald Trump has been accused by a handful of women alleging sexual assault. Trump is also suggesting that the election is rigged and that Hillary Clinton should be drug tested before the debate. We’re already in the gutter.

Luckily (or not) the debate will be everywhere. You can stream the debate for free on YouTube and the quality of the stream is very reliable, so that should be your best bet. You can also stream the debate on CSPAN, PBS, CNN, and other news networks with a cable authentication. So if you’d rather watch on a news network, you can ask your wealthier friends and family for a log-in. But really, don’t do that because TV networks should stream the debate for free, for everyone, because this shit is important if you want to vote and make sure whoever you think is the lesser of two evils ends up in the Oval Office.

The debate is sure to produce more memes, like the lurking Donald or some of Hillary’s cheesier taglines from the earlier debates. But it’s more likely that it turns into an arm wrestling match since the topics for this one are all over the place.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace is the moderator for the debate, and it will be set up just like the first one with both candidates at a podium and two minutes to answer a question with room for follow-ups from Wallace. The Fox News host has already chosen the topics, but the questions are still top secret until debate night. The topics are: immigration, entitlements and debt, the Supreme Court, the economy, foreign policy, and a candidate’s fitness to serve as president. Seriously, this is going to turn into a slap fight.

All of them are standard political topics, but it sounds like the real fun is going to come at the end of the debate, when Trump will likely attack Clinton’s stamina and health and make fun of her for coughing. It’s also a chance for Clinton to get in some burns about Trump’s sometimes (OK, all the time) erratic behavior, late night tweet storms, and possibly the lewd stuff he says about women.

It’s going to be terrible and awesome all at the same time, so make sure your internet connection is good to go.