What did Donald Trump call Khloe Kardashian during ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? It’s unsurprising at this point

It’s another day, so obviously there is more news about the terrible things Donald Trump has allegedly said or done. The latest is, thank goodness, not another sexual assault allegation, but merely that Trump called Khloe Kardashian a “piglet” on Celebrity Apprentice and tried to get her off the show ASAP because he just couldn’t bear to look at her. If this is surprising to you, your brain is obviously made of old jello, because “pig” is one of Trump’s favorite disses. He also loves to call women names when the women aren’t attracted to him or don’t play along with his “most successful steak salesman in the world” act.

But back to Khloe. Three former staffers say Trump wanted to “fire her” from the show as soon as he saw her. “It wasn’t on merit,” one of the show’s editors said. One said Trump complained, “Why don’t we fire Khloe? She is a fat piglet. Why did we get the ugly Kardashian?” Another source remembers the same grievance, alleging that Trump said, “What is this? We can’t even get the hot one?” We can’t even get the hot one is really the ultimate diss in Kardashian-land. I don’t know Donald J. Trump personally, but judging from his past comments about just about everyone, the “piglet” diss and whining that his show was so second rate that it couldn’t get “the hot one” (he was presumably talking about Kim) sounds about right to me. He’s called women “pigs,” “dogs” and “slobs” on numerous occasions throughout his career. It’s like his thing.

You might remember that the official reason for firing Khloe in 2009 was because she had a DUI class, not because Trump thought she looked like a little piggy. At least in 2009, Trump knew when he should keep his mouth shut instead of insulting people every time he opens his mouth (what happened Donald?). Trump said before firing the not-hot-Kardashian, “I hate people who drive under the influence; I really do. When you told me [that Kardashian had received a DUI], I lost a little respect for you… If I had known that you were missing time away from the task because of a DUI, you would have never been on the show.”

That’s pretty amusing since Dennis Rodman was also on the show at the same time as Khloe and he had been arrested for drunk driving twice (and did a mandated treatment program). He had also been arrested on multiple occasions for domestic violence, but I assume Trump cares less about that.

Rodman also doesn’t have a pussy Trump would be into grabbing, so it was totally cool, whereas Khloe is a useless, shameful, DUI ridden woman because she isn’t attractive to Trump. Calling a woman a pig and the holier than thou act about her DUI isn’t the worst of what Trump’s allegedly done. It’s just another sad example of this guy’s values and perceptions of women. But to be honest, I’d rather be a piglet in Trump’s view than worth groping.