Beyonce rips earring out during performance, keeps going like she feels no pain

Queen Bey’s performance at the Tidal X 1015 show was, as usual, flawless. She was stylish/regal/poised times infinity, with the voice of a kick-ass angel. But what really got people talking was the moment when Beyonce accidentally ripped her earring out of her own ear and kept going like nothing was wrong.

Her hair caught on the earring, probably during a spirited dance move, while she was in the middle of performing “Haunted.” When she tried to free it, disaster struck. Despite the fact that she was bleeding from the earlobe — which is what happens when, you know, your skin gets torn in half — she simply finished the song and even threw out a “How y’all doing?” at the end, like the consummate superstar she is. What’s particularly impressive is that she wiped her earlobe, saw the blood, and still DGAF.

How the hell does someone tear up her own earlobe and barely even blink? Jezebel posits that it’s because Beyonce is a cybertronic automaton, or perhaps the next post-human step in evolution. Conspiracy theorists claim it’s an indisputable sign of her Illuminati status. Maybe it’s simpler than that. She’s been performing basically since she was a fetus, and as any stage veteran knows, there is one you-do-not-talk-about-Fight-Club-level rule of performance: the show must go on. Your ear may be bleeding, you may have ripped a hole through your skin, but you do not stop.

TIDAL X: 1015 - Show
CREDIT: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

I can attest to this from personal experience, since many of my formative years were spent on stage with my dance school, and I saw some shit. Once a younger classmate wet her leotard in front of a huge audience and danced it out until the very last note of our song. Another time, I saw a friend gracefully pirouette into the wings and take off her shoes to reveal that the left foot of her tights was soaked with blood because her toenail had split down the middle. She was crying and clutching her foot, but you would never have guessed it from her on-stage demeanor. Since she was out of commission for the rest of the show, we had to re-choreograph several songs without her on the spot. The oldest of us was only sixteen, but dammit, we were professionals.

If we could do it, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine a woman who’s built herself into her own entertainment juggernaut powering through an ear injury, even if it is the kind of injury that makes us all wince. Especially if she’s tough and powerful as hell.

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