9 Halloween costumes that require basically no effort

There is no in-between when it comes to Halloween, in my experience. One either loves the holiday and spends much of October planning a perfect costume and perfecting spooky-themed finger food for a big party, or, if you’re like me, you just wait patiently for it to be over. But that means you’re going to need an easy Halloween costume idea to throw together at the last minute. Because for all Halloween haters, the costume comes last minute, since you vow every year you will not participate in costumed shenanigans. But it never works.

Like New Year’s Eve, Halloween is a hype night (it’s never as fun as it sounds). And it’s a rookie night. Going to a bar on Halloween is terrible, because people who never go out to bars are all of a sudden at the bar, doing shots in a Donald Trump mask. I cringe just thinking about it. The problem is, a good party is a good party, and it’s no fun to sit inside on Halloween all by yourself, slowly unwrapping Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in your bed. So you need to look around your room right now and think about what you can throw together.

The entire premise of a costume being “easy” or requiring no effort is a fallacy. The very fact that you aren’t in your standard jeans and black T-shirt means you made an effort. In any case, break out the fishnets and heavy eyeliner and try some of these easy-ish Halloween looks.

Be Tom Cruise in Risky Business, like every other basic bitch. 


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This is a classic no effort costume (and some people are really sick of it, but screw them). Although, depending on where you live, it can be hard to travel and not freeze your ass off. I recommend this for a house party, so you can just walk around in socks and sunglasses all night. You look like you’re having fun when you’re not wearing pants.

Have no shame about being a witch. 

Seriously, your friends should be happy you made it out. Wear all black, maybe do your nails, and grab a witch hat from the drugstore on the corner (they have them) and call it a day. There’s no shame in being lame on Halloween.

Be a self portrait. 

This will require you to talk to people. But if you take a picture frame with you and hold it up to your face, you are a self-portrait. Get it? I know, I hate Halloween, too.

Just do your makeup. 

You can skip the white (unless you have white makeup) and use black eyeliner or eyeshadow to create a skeleton face and then just wear whatever you want. Doing makeup is an easy way to make it look like you care.

Be an emoji. 

Wear a pink-ish sweater and make different motions with your arms to show you’re the sassy girl emoji. Or, wear a black dress or black shorts and a T-shirt and use whatever black material you have on hand to cut out some ears. This is super MacGuyver.

Be a hot mess. 

Channel your inner Harley Quinn and Courtney Love and grease up your hair a little, smudge your eyeliner, and start smoking. Later, if you start slurring your words on too much spiced cider, no one will judge you.

Get punny with some citrus. 

If you have a white T-shirt, a Sharpie, and a lemon or two in the fridge, you’re golden. Write “LIFE” on your T-shirt. Bring lemons and try to hand them to people when they get curious about your costume. Or just be, “LIFE.” The possibilities are many.

Or just be Beyoncé.

If you have a yellow dress, rock it. Make your hair big if it isn’t already. Bring a baseball bat. Boom. Or, doll yourself up, give yourself running mascara and carry a martini glass around like that sad housewife look from “Why Don’t You Love Me.” 

You’ll get yuuuuge laughs with some foundation. 

If you have foundation or bronzer laying around that’s a little too dark (or want to run and buy some), you can get your Donald Trump on. Draw white around your eyes, wear a blazer or a red tie, and you’re good to go.

Whatever you decide to go for, remember, the night will soon be over. If you can survive having a shitty costume and eating pumpkin shaped everything all night, you can survive anything.

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