11 tweets that completely shut down Trump’s “rigged election” theory

Whether it’s to distract from the allegations of sexual assault or cover his ass in case he loses, now Republican nominee Donald Trump says the election is rigged. He’s been floating this idea throughout the election cycle, even way back during the primaries (it’s usually when he starts to lose or look like the real asshole that he is, in case you haven’t noticed). Trump has been on the campaign trail tweeting about “large scale voter fraud,” but here’s the thing about voter fraud: it doesn’t happen. It’s a line the GOP uses to pass voter ID laws and block same day registration and other efforts that make exercising the right to vote simple. There isn’t voter fraud — there’s voter suppression.

In fact, study after study has proven this over the past few decades, and the rate of voter fraud is actually between 0.00004 and 0.0009 percent, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. It’s more likely that an American would be struck by lightening than that they would try to impersonate someone else at the polls, the Center’s researchers conclude. That’s just one study, but there are tons of them out there if Trump’s advisors could just google them and ask him politely to STFU. Like this little nugget of information about how a researcher from Loyola University found just 31 instances of fraud since 2000. There is nothing “large scale” about that.

Brian Stelter breaks it down

The research has been done

Seriously though, facts are facts

One more time

Even Trump supporters think he is wrong

It’s really voter suppression, not fraud

The irony is real

Tim Kaine has some choice words for Trump on this 

Trump never makes any sense

Complaining without solutions is just a temper tantrum

Have a little faith in the people, Trump

The kind of voter fraud Trump and his surrogates are talking about is complete bull and has no foundation. They also don’t offer any solutions; it’s just whining. Certainly don’t ask Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, how to ensure an election isn’t rigged. Over the weekend, Indiana state police raided a registration center and found that 45,000 African-Americans might not be properly registered to vote because some idiot called and alleged there were fraudulent applications. Authorities haven’t found those applications yet, but valid ones could be put on hold during the investigation. Pence denies the allegation that there was any wrongdoing at the registration center, of course, but it’s a big mess.

The thing is that there are problems with our election process. Registering to vote is impossible in some states. There’s also major gerrymandering that happens on the regular (where parties change the boundaries of an electoral zone so it’s stacked with voters of a certain party, making it easier to win). That’s not fraud, that’s politics. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders actually had some policy ideas about how to curb redistricting and backed the Voting Rights Act to stop voter suppression. But solutions to actual problems are out of Trump’s league. It’s easier to run around the country claiming there is “large scale fraud” so that when he loses in November, he can contest the results.

As if alleging fraud wasn’t enough, Trump also believes the media is rigged against him. Republicans have long had problems with what they call the “liberal media” (there’s bias on both sides, studies show), but Trump is alleging that across the board, media outlets have it out for him. Even Saturday Night Live. Again, pointing a finger is a good way to distract from the real issues, like allegations of sexual assault against him. It’s sort of pathetic to claim that the rules are unfair just because you’re losing.

The man is just embarrassing himself at this point.