Watch this creepy baby do a headstand in her sleep until you feel better about life

Babysitting is always a little weird. You’re alone in a weird house, watching kids you probably don’t love, and once the kids are in bed, every creak in the house can sound like the beginning of a horror movie. That is why this creepy baby sleeping in a headstand is so perfect. It sums up all the weirdness that goes along with taking care of children, whether they’re yours forever, or just to watch for a new nights. In this case, Vine star Mikaela Long was watching her niece and caught the kid on the baby monitor sleeping in a straight-up headstand.

Like, a headstand so good it would put your yoga practice to shame. She’s completely flipped over and just barely resting her legs on the crib. I just really hope her diaper isn’t full because I feel like that would get really messy in the morning (all I can ever think when I see small people in diapers is how much it must suck to change them, sorry). Long tweeted, “This is my first time babysitting and idk where I went wrong, but my niece is currently asleep on her head.” She then joked that she was about to call the parents (or an exorcist) and was a little torn about the right course of action.

Luckily, a lot of people who saw the tweet were in no way concerned. One of her followers responded, “lil kids are flexible and do stuff like that bc they don’t know its not possible yet. Just settle her. She’ll be ok.” But will she? Apparently, it’s a thing in this household. The girl’s mother told Buzzfeed, that her daughter has been “quite acrobatic lately” and it confuses everyone. The mom, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “It baffles me as well.” It’s not like it’s dangerous (she’s enclosed in the crib) and reportedly ends up in a more “normal” position by the end of the night.

Who’s to say what’s normal or not, really? I can’t get into a headstand and I spend way too much money on yoga classes (and pricey yoga pants, thank you very much). If I could swing my stubby little legs over my head while I was snoozing, I would be so proud I’d set up my own monitor to critique my form. So cheers, little creepy baby who sleeps in a headstand. Stay flex while you can.