Trump allegedly called Marlee Matlin “retarded” on ‘Apprentice’, is this election over yet?

At first, this election was infuriating, Now, it just needs to be over. I mean, it’s still infuriating and embarrassing that the Republican nominee is a sexist xenophobe and alleged sexual predator, but it can’t get worse than that, right? Nope, it can!

Allegedly, Donald Trump called Marlee Matlin “retarded” on Celebrity Apprentice. She’s deaf. And not just that, but using the r-word is super offensive and a known form of bullying. Soooo that’s what we’re working with here as a presidential nominee. He is seriously one of the most twisted, foul humans I can think of, which would be just fine if America kept him locked up in Trump Tower. But that’s not the case. Trump wants to be president of the United States and there are actual people in the country who think that he should be.

Matlin, on the other hand, is the only deaf actress to ever have won an Academy Award, was on the 2011 season of Celebrity Apprentice and sadly, was often the butt of Trump’s stupid jokes, according to producers who worked on the show. Because of non-disclosure agreements, all of the sources are anonymous, but they told The Daily Beast that Trump would equate her disability with a mental handicap, often behind her back or sometimes in front of her. According to the three staffers, he would mock her or mimic her. Matlin wound up in second place that season, so she was publicly praised on national television by the wannabe-politician, but the ex-employees said it was hard to watch, knowing how Trump treated her off-camera.

One staffer recalled finding a piece of paper on which Trump had written, “Marlee, is she retarded??” Another said that he would mimic her voice in a way to imply that she was not mentally “all there” and that he “sounded like he got a real kick out of it.” The anonymous staffer said, “It was really upsetting.” Yeah, it would be upsetting to watch a man who enjoys power and privilege mocking a deaf woman. One of the staffers added that it was similar to his impersonation of a New York Times reporter last year. And then this: “in the boardroom, he would talk to her like she was ‘special.’ He took her deafness as a some kind of [mental] handicap.”

The staffer also said they were shocked when Trump made an “insensitive” remark about Matlin’s deafness, which it sounds like he did on numerous occasions, in one way or another. I mean, what’s worse: making fun of a deaf person, or making fun of a deaf person because you think they are mentally handicapped and don’t know any better? Trump is problematic all around.

In addition to mocking her deafness, Trump also reportedly made lewd comments to her during her stint on the reality competition show, so if that’s true, he was mocking a deaf woman while trying to hit on her. There are no bounds to his lack of character and class.

Again, can this election just be over already? I can’t take much more of this.