This Halloween choker is supposed to look like fake blood, but totally looks like, uh, well, semen

Sexy Halloween costumes are one thing, but this dripping blood (kind of) choker takes it to a whole new level. ASOS is now offering a “glow in the dark” choker that is supposed to look like fake blood drops. And it does, probably, though there’s no picture of the choker glowing dark red, so who knows? Instead, it looks like a ring of semen around your neck. Depending on how you feel about semen and cumshots in general, maybe that’s alright with you. Personally, I’m not sure I’d like to walk around on Halloween night with a bunch of drunk bros at a party looking like I took a load to the neck, but you do you.

People on social media noticed the similarities immediately, tweeting that the blood looked like “something else.” But I guess some people like their accessories looking like cum.

Massachusetts artist Leah Piepgras also created a sterling silver necklace of a cumshot that is A visual marker of chaos turned perfection through an act of beauty and lust.” Although, that one looks a lot less like a mess of semen on your neck and more like a contemporary art piece because you have to squint really hard to see it (that’s what she said).

To be fair, the choker on ASOS does look a lot more like dripping blood than semen and you have to have your mind pretty far into the gutter to see it. And there are definitely worse “sexy” Halloween costumes out there for women to don that are more outright demeaning. Things like the classic sexy nurse, or even the sexy Ken Bone costume (which is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels). At least a necklace that looks like cum on your neck can be worn in an empowering way and isn’t inherently sexist like other “sexy costumes” that imply a woman can’t wear a uniform without looking like a sex object.

So wear your fake blood/cumshot choker proudly, if you choose. Halloween’s supposed to be fun, right?