Hilarious Trump meets ‘Arrested Development’ video makes the debates feel less like death

This presidential election cycle has been one mess and scandal after another. Luckily, some people are choosing to laugh instead of cry, and we should all give thanks to everyone trying to it bearable. The “Trump-rested Development,” video fact-checking Donald Trump at the debate does just that, and every fan of Arrested Development will surely appreciate the effort. The video, made by NeverCaesar, uses the Ron Howard narration from the series to point out when Trump was simply dead wrong during the second presidential debate last week and the video is totally on point. Series creator Mitch Hurwitz even liked it so much that he tweeted it this week, joking that it was a sneak peak of the upcoming season of the show. If only.

Arrested Development is known for its absurd premises, so it’s absolutely perfect to use the show’s style of humor as a way to talk about the 2016 election. What’s more absurd than a real estate mogul who’s been accused of sexual assault and racism running for president? It’s so creepy and weird that the only thing voters can do is make fun of it and try not to cry constantly.

NeverCaeser’s video draws attention to the delusional comments from Trump during the debate, like when he claimed he’d never said “pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers” (spoiler alert: he did) or his budding relationship “over the last little while” with the African-American community (not happening), and then adds one or two lines from Ron Howard. It’s perfect.

This week in particular, Trump seems more and more like an Arrested Development character with no self-awareness at all. In the wake of the allegations of sexual assault, Trump has gone on the offense. Trump’s claimed that people should “look” at at some of the women alleging that he sexually assaulted them. As if seeing what she looks like would make everyone understand that he wouldn’t want to grope her, because clearly sexual violence isn’t just about power. On Friday, he said that Jessica Leeds, who alleged that he groped her on an airplane, wouldn’t “be his first choice” to grope. Um, yeah, that’s not the point. Trump has also claimed that he has tons of evidence that his accusers are lying. Yet, he hasn’t released any of this evidence yet, even though it would probably be in his favor to do so.

Whew. If only this were a crazy season of Arrested Development. Luckily, the fifth season of the sitcom is coming out sometime next year on Netflix, so no matter who ends up in the Oval Office, there will be something good to watch, huddled in your bunker, waiting for their term to be over.

And worst case, there’s always money in the banana stand.