Two women have come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault

Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential run is getting more bizarre each day. After his latest “grab them by the pussy” fiasco, many of his supporters dismissed the statement as “locker room” chatter and he denied grabbing women without consent. Now, two women have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault and prove that his actions reflect his words. One woman, Jessica Leeds, told The New York Times she had a disgusting encounter with Trump 30 years ago.

Leeds, who is now in her 70s, was a saleswoman and sat next to him on a flight to New York. According to her, the billionaire lifted up the armrest, grabbed her breasts, and had his hands all over the place “like an octopus.” After he allegedly tried to stick his hands up her skirt, she moved to the back of the plane to get away from him. The New York Times reached out to other sources about her story and they all confirmed her account of what happened.

Years later in 2005, Rachel Crook met the Republican presidential candidate in an elevator. At the time, she was a receptionist who worked for a real estate company in Trump Tower. She decided to introduce herself to him with a handshake, but she said he kissed her on the cheek as well as her mouth. He even asked for her phone number and claimed it was for his modeling agency, according to her.

Although Crook felt violated, the then-22 year old felt like she couldn’t do anything about his advances because of his position and status. Of course, the newspaper reached out to Trump for comment, and he denied everything. He also threatened to sue The New York Times and yelled at the woman reporter because he’s Donald Trump.

The saddest thing about both of these stories is the lack of agency and control these women felt. Thirty years ago, Trump was a young hotshot mogul who was taking over the world with his real estate expansions. He was rich, powerful, and male – all the components needed for him to be “above” certain things.

And – in Crooks situation –she was a young woman starting a new career and working in a building with his name on it. It could not have been easy for her to decide whether to stay quiet or speak up and face career consequences.

These accusations are very disgusting, and what’s even worse is how some people will react to these stories with indifference. Hopefully, these women will find some healing in sharing their stories.