Someone filmed Kim Kardashian right after her robbery, violating French privacy laws

Paris is supposed to be romantic, chic, and fun. But Paris got downright nasty with Kim Kardashian. Not only was she held at gun point, tied up, and robbed last month during Paris Fashion Week, but someone reportedly filmed Kardashian in her apartment after the robbery and leaked the footage to a few websites this week. Luckily, Kardashian’s legal team promptly shut that shit down since filming someone in a private setting without their consent is illegal in France (and in most civilized countries) and violates privacy laws.


In the video, police are combing through Kardashian’s apartment just after the robbery while she FaceTimes with someone, all wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, according to TMZ. Kardashian doesn’t appear to know she’s being filmed, and if anyone in the world knows what it feels like to be on camera, it’s definitely her, right? Her assistant is also on the tape. According to Radar Online, the video opens zoomed in on a door frame and then pans out to survey the entire room and its furnishings.

It’s skeevy as fuck that someone was filming her just after being tied up, threatened, and robbed. Police still don’t know exactly when the video was taken, but this is all part of someone’s sick and twisted Kardashian fetish. Even more sick and twisted is Radar Online, which reported on Kim’s “comfy” and chill demeanor in the video, implying that maybe the whole robbery story was completely made up. That’s a pretty ridiculous theory all around.

How would that even go down? Kardashian had someone tie her up at gunpoint, steal her shit, and then record her in her apartment so that she could leak it to the press and get more publicity? To do what — promote Kanye’s next project? That doesn’t seem very likely — Kim Kardashian doesn’t need anyone else’s attention. She has like, all of it, all the time. Tabloids and websites that are making light of her attack are pretty messed up for suggesting that this is all a game. Because it sounds scary AF.

According to Entertainment Tonight’s sources, Kim is not doing well at all. “Kim is still very shaken up about the entire situation” and “doesn’t feel ready to talk about it,” they said. “Right now, she’s still focused on trying to feel better about the whole situation.” Kardashian is usually all about posting to social media to talk about her life and put herself out there, so it’s telling that she’s been laying low. She reportedly cancelled her birthday celebration and is going to therapy for flashbacks.

Being robbed and held hostage is one kind of trauma; adding a leaked video that was taken after the police arrived is a whole other dose of weird. Police still don’t know who took the video or leaked it, but if they find the culprit, they could face up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. Which isn’t a whole lot for invading Kardashian’s privacy after a traumatizing event. It’s terrible that she couldn’t catch a break in Paris, between being robbed and then filmed without her consent. Sure, Kardashian lives on television and social media, but that’s her choice, and filming someone who’s recovering from being held hostage is just all sorts of wrong. People forget that Kardashian is a human being first.