Nancy Grace walked out of an interview after being accused of exploiting dead kids, because facts are hard

Her self-titled show on HLN may be coming to an end, but there’s no way she could leave without a little controversy. During a recent radio appearance, Nancy Grace walked out of an interview after being accused of exploiting victims. The legal commentator and former prosecutor appeared on a Sirius XM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on Tuesday, and it looks like the hosts were prepared to piss Grace off with a few facts and opinions about her controversial career. She came into the studio with a smile and her new book in hand as the interview began, totally unsuspecting.

At first, the interview – a video of which is featured on Sam Robert’s Twitter page — seemed to be completely normal when Roberts asked her how she felt about leaving HLN. Of course, she said the moment was bittersweet (because it kinda sucks to leave a cushy job where you can say whatever the hell you want), but she’s looking forward to the future.

Then, Norton quickly took over and decided to give Grace his unfiltered thoughts about her while he had the chance. He told her, “I’ve had a problem with you for a long time because I felt like you were capitalizing on tragedies.” And, if anyone was wondering if the shit was starting to rise toward the fan, Nancy’s facial expression makes it clear things are going to get out of hand.

As expected, Grace immediately began to defend herself, saying she is a crime victim herself so she invites crime victims on to the show to tell their stories. She continued to fire back at Norton and said she has helped solve crimes, find missing people, and felt like he was singling her out when reporters speak on various tragedies every day.

Norton – who was unavailable for any of her explanations – said doing basic reporting on events and advocating for victims is fair, but he pointed out her use of catchy hashtags for tragic events. He thought the hashtags were simply a way to boost her brand and have people associate her with the event. She defended her hashtags and insisted they were the easiest way to condense difficult cases into something simple by coming up with a moniker.

At that point, Grace was still trying to maintain her cool, despite throwing a bit of shade by insinuating that Norton must not know how hashtags and digital media works. Meanwhile, Roberts decided to stop nervously laughing in a corner and jump into the conversation by suggesting her hashtags could be seen as trivializing a tragedy. Where is the lie?

The trio continued to battle it out over several subjects, including the Duke University lacrosse rape case and her insinuation that several wrestlers died of steroid abuse. Tempers began to flare as Norton brought up a previous slander lawsuit. Eventually, Grace couldn’t take any more roasting from the pair and decided to make a quick exit from the studio. Surprisingly, she didn’t give them a (loud) piece of her mind as she gathered her belongings and abruptly ended the interview.

Check out the interview in its entirety here:

I can only say one thing about this interview – thank god I wasn’t Nancy Grace in that room.