Hi, here are maggots crawling all over KFC chicken, bye

An Arkansas mother found a disgusting surprise while dining at a local fast food joint — maggots crawling all over her son’s KFC chicken. Mmm, just what you want with your extra crispy fried chicken and mashed potatoes. She rightfully took a video of the creepy crawlies and posted it to the Helena-West Helena Police Department’s Facebook page after having to take her 5 year old to the hospital.

The unnamed woman told police she went to the restaurant Oct. 2 and that her son got sick afterwards, Fox 13 reports. She claims she contacted the manager of the KFC location, but hadn’t heard back. Although the police said it wasn’t a crime, the department released the video to deter others from eating maggot-infested chicken. If it isn’t a crime, it’s certainly worth an investigation by the Department of Health, since I’m pretty sure MAGGOTS on food violates a few health standards. Just a hunch.

KFC responded to a tweet about the stomach-churning incident, claiming: “Our chicken is cooked to 165F or higher, and held at above 140F. We are confident this did not occur inside our restaurant.” Sure, sure, but the video clearly shows maggots on a piece of chicken with a KFC container on the tray. Either this is an elaborate conspiracy against KFC, or there were maggots on this 5-year-old boy’s chicken.

All I’m saying is, maybe rethink your next trip to KFC.